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Stone Mountain Drive Entrance (Summer Solstice 2019)


Weatherstone Community News

Weatherstone HOA Dues Higher for 2020
Adjustments to Automatic Payments May Be Required

Weatherstone HOA dues increased to $270 a quarter effective January 1, 2020. Homeowners may need to make adjustments to their bank if automatic payments are used. If a homeowner is not certain of their payment method or amount, please call Weatherstone's HOA manager, HG Management, at 303.804.9800 to verify transfers and balances due, if any.

Weatherstone HOA dues include two parts: one component for HOA management, facility operations and maintenance, social events, and landscaping, while a second part covers the pool reconstruction mortgage. The pool project was financed with a ten year loan that is now at the 50 percent mark. See details on the dues page for more information.

Please note there are fees associated with credit card and e-check payments as noted on the assessment page. (updated January 7, 2020)

Weatherstone Connect Goes Live
Replaces Directory on Tap (DOT) Service

MemberPlanet will provide the new service for resident information. This replaces the Directory on Tap service previously used across Weatherstone. Register with this link or select from the footer of any Weatherstone webpage. (posted October 18, 2018)

Pool Closed September 15
Longest Outdoor Pool Season Ends.

Summer is ending. The neighborhood pool closed September 15 and Food Truck Thursdays for 2019 has driven to a finish.  (posted September 17, 2019)

Alpine Waste Recycling Schedule for 2020
Local Hauler Acquired by Canadian Company GFL Environmental

The recycling calendar for 2020 is now available at garbage and recycling. Use "Schedule B" for the neighborhood. The first off-schedule Monday for 2020 is Memorial Day in May. (updated January 6, 2020)

Recycling Analysis Underway
Additional Data Analyzed

Data from Weatherstone refuse services provider Alpine Waste and Recycling for 2018 is being analyzed for all of 2018.  Please look for a completed 2018 analysis in August. (posted January 20, 2019)

Weatherstone Community Dashboard

Douglas County Fire and Fireworks Ban Status

No ban.

Effective 7/21/2018.

Weatherstone Neighborhood Pool Status

Pool closed. Reopens late May 2020.

Garbage and Recycling Pickup Schedule

Regular schedule until Memorial Day 2020.

Next Community Event for all Neighbors

Annual meeting March 2020

Next Scheduled WHOA Board Meeting

See calendar

Construction Alert: Neighborhood & Highlands Ranch


Denver Metro Regional Air Quality Information

Status changes daily. Click for latest recommendations.

Bees and Bee Boxes

Click for neighborhood efforts for helping pollinators survive and thrive.


The Importance of Quality Landscaping Investments - Quality landscaping, along with our updated pool, adjoining recreation area and park, and easy access to trails, give Weatherstone an enhanced sense of community. According to a study by Weatherstone residents Tom and Denise Barnwell of Liv Sotheby Realtors, these features are the reason Weatherstone commands home prices up to 30 percent higher than comparative neighborhoods.

Welcome to Weatherstone!

Weatherstone, founded in 1997, celebrated its 20th anniversary last year as a residential community. It now has over 1,000 residents on the southwestern border of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 15 miles due south of Denver. Learn more about the Weatherstone community, its activities and facilities, and the volunteer board of directors. Weatherstone is a sub-HOA within the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) in unincorporated Douglas County, Colorado. The local government is the Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD).