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Weatherstone Neighborhood Community Survey for 2013

In 2013 Weatherstone completed its first community survey in an effort to gather feedback on several key community amenities and modes of communication. Preliminary results were presented at the March 13, 2013 HOA meeting to attending residents, though survey results continued to roll in for a few weeks following the presentation. In total, 168 (57%) residents participated in the survey. The common themes derived from the survey results include:

  • Weatherstone is generally perceived by residents as a premier community
  • A clear majority of residents are interested in exploring pool renovation options
  • Residents generally appreciate the community landscaping and activities
  • Residents overwhelmingly have a positive community feeling about Weatherstone

Below are the survey results as well as the March 13, 2013 HOA annual meeting presentation and documentation on the comments provided by residents in each section of the survey. 



Initial survey to all Weatherstone HOA residents in January 2013.

Survey period from January 1, 2013 to March 13, 2013.

Results at the March 13, 2013, annual membership meeting.

Part 1 - Overall Expectations


  1. Weatherstone is a premier residential neighborhood in Highlands Ranch.
  2. Weatherstone should have a continuous goal of being a premier residential community in Highlands Ranch.
  3. The board's primary focus should be to maintain or increase Weatherstone property values.
  4. The board's primary focus should be keeping costs low, even at the expense of Weatherstone's property values.

 Part 2 - Pool and Recreation (General Comments)



  1. The Weatherstone pool is an asset to our community.
  2. We use the main pool area on a regular basis.
  3. We use the baby pool with children on a regular basis.
  4. We would ue the facilities more regularly if it had more amenities.
  5. The current BBQ stations are useful during pool visits.
  6. The pool area is well maintained by the current maintenance company.
  7. The landscaped area surrounding the pool is visually pleasing.

 Part 3 - Repair or Improvement



Table 3 - Pool Options Interest

 Pool Option
 Improve 58%Strongly Agree/Agree
 Repair 33%Strongly Agree/Agree
 Neutral 7%
 Neither 2%
 Part 4 - Landscaping and Holiday Lights and Decorations


  1. The current landscaping at the community entrances is attractive and suggests that Weatherstone is a premier residential community
  2. Weatherstone’s landscaping needs to be upgraded throughout the community. 
  3. Weatherstone’s landscaping should be drought tolerant and water efficient. 
  4. Weatherstone’s landscaping should be lush and colorful, even if it costs more to maintain. 
  5. The 2012 holiday lights at Weatherstone’s two entrances were attractive.
 Part 5 - Security and Traffic


  1. The community security company does a good job providing security services for the neighborhood and pool area. 
  2. Additional security measures are needed in the pool area.
  3. Traffic speed and volume on our community streets are a concern and impact me/us regularly.
 Part 6 - Social Events and Communication


  1. Weatherstone’s social events are an amenity to our community.
  2. Communication through the Block Captains is effective.
 Parts 7 to 9 - What Residents Like Most and Least; Important Improvement Projects