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Stone Mountain Drive storm drain repair by Douglas County Public Work (March 21, 2017)

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Weatherstone Streets and Sidewalks
Repair and Reconstruction

 Project Descriptor
Associated Information 
Project Status  Complete
Project Period April 2014 to September 2014
 Project Funding
 Douglas County Government
 Project Detail

All streets will receive a cape seal which is a coating of heavy oil followed by chips (small rocks) being applied, and then coated with another layer of oil. This will track onto driveways for a short period of time until is sets but once it is set, the streets should look brand new. Parking on the street for a day or two should reduce the minor tracking on the driveway.

Weathersfield Way, Stone Mountain Drive, and all adjoining side streets will all receive a cape seal treatment.  Further information on this process is available from the project contractor.

 Project Contact

Darrell E. Roberts, PLS

Engineering Permits, Inspections and Utilities Manager

Douglas County

Department of Public Works Engineering - Engineering Services

100 Third Street

Castle Rock CO 80104


 Project Contractor
A-1 Chipseal Services