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Snow Removal
Douglas County Government, Highlands Ranch Metro District and Homeowners
Douglas County plows public streets.


Douglas County government removes snow from all public streets in Highlands Ranch.

Residents shovel sidewalks on their property.

Sidewalks and Trails

  • Stone Mountain Drive - Weatherstone HOA removes snow from sidewalks along Stone Mountain Drive except by Stone Mountain Elementary School.
  • Wildcat Reserve Parkway - Sidewalks along this major arterial are plowed by Highlands Ranch Metro District.
  • Stone Mountain Elementary School - Douglas County School District.
  • Hard Surface Trails - Highlands Ranch Metro District plows concrete trails when snow depth minimums are exceeded.
  • Pronghorn Park - Highlands Ranch Metro District.
  • Soft Surface Trails - Not regularly plowed.
  • Homes - Homeowner responsibility; must clear within 24 hours after a storm ends. 
Fire hydrant cleared after snow storm.

Fire Hydrants

Homeowners remove snow from around fire hydrants on their property.