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HRMD free chip and mulch day at Redstone Park (October 29, 2017)

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Tips and information on recycling materials elsewhere in Highlands Ranch that are not accepted for regular curbside recycling pickup.

Material to Recycle
 Highlands Ranch Location
 Bicycles (mountain and road)
Elevation Cycles
 Any type and condition. Miscellaneous bicycle parts and tools. Bikes refurbished and donated by Project ReCycle.
 Branches and limbs
Redstone Park Shea Stadium Parking Lot Periodic (about 4 times per year) free tree limb chipping with free mulch pickup by HRMD.
 Christmas trees
 Redstone Park Shea Stadium Parking Lot
 Annually from December 26 to about January 10. Shredded by HRMD. Free wood chips from shred.
 Electronics (including computers, printers, routers and televisions)
 Kaiser Medical Center bi-annually.
Managed by HRCA
 Colorado state law forbids electronic waste (e-waste) disposal into landfills.
 Plastic bags
 Whole Foods
From shopping bags to packaging.
 Plastic cutlery
 Whole Foods
 Forks, spoons, sporks and knives
 Wine corks
 Whole Foods
 Natural only. No plastic corks.
HRMD free mulch program (October 29, 2017)