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Pool reconstruction (March 26, 2016)

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Neighborhood Projects Status for the Weatherstone Community

 Project Name
StatusLast Update 
 HOA Owned Fencing Replacement
 PlanningDecember 14, 2016
 Volleyball Sand Court (2017)
 Planning December 14, 2016
Neighborhood Pool Facility
 Complete* November 30, 2016
Street and Sidewalks Repair and Reconstruction
 Complete October 1, 2014
Landscape Refresh in Common Areas
 Complete July 1, 2013

* The primary aspects and major asset reconstruction of the project are complete. A few details involving pergola repair and re-stain, fencing and other items, plus roof replacement due to the June 6, 2016, major hail storm event are planned for 2017.  A few amenities may be added based on fundraising efforts.