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Pool Closed for 2019. Reopens late May 2020.

Pool Letter from the Weatherstone HOA Board
for the 2018 Summer Pool Season

May 25, 2018

Dear Weatherstone Residents,

The Weatherstone Pool opens this Saturday and will remain open this summer from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm through Labor Day weekend.

  1. SURVEILLANCE - Security cameras are in use at the Weatherstone Pool.
  2. ACCESS - Access is by Weatherstone-issued Key Fob only during posted Pool Hours. All other access is TRESPASSING and WILL be prosecuted.
  3. USE - The Weatherstone Pool is for use by Weatherstone residents and their accompanied guests. Each Weatherstone resident is allowed a maximum of TWO guests at any time. If you are hosting a party at the Weatherstone Pool, there must be one resident for every two guests. Residents must accompany their guests at the Weatherstone Pool at all times.
  4. RULES - All residents and guests must follow posted Pool Rules. If any family member or his/her guest violates Pool Rules, your household is subject to fines and having pool privileges revoked. Douglas County Sheriff's Office will prosecute as appropriate (including all instances of trespassing).
  5. ID - Every person of school-age or older must show a Key Fob and identification (e.g. driver's license, school ID) upon request of any other Weatherstone resident.  This allows all residents to help with enforcement of Pool Rules.
  6. KEY FOBS - Every household is issued ONE key fob only.  Immediately report any lost or stolen key fob to Lisa Iveslatt (303.898.8116) so access can be turned off to the lost or stolen Key Fob and a replacement key fob can be issued.  Replacement key fobs are $25 each made out to Weatherstone at Highlands Ranch Association, Inc.  
  7. REPORTING - For non-emergency issues, email and include the date and time of the issue (for purposes of pulling video).  For emergencies always call 911.

Please excuse the following projects taking place this summer at our Weatherstone Pool:
  • Hardware installation on all gates to allow Key Fob access (currently main gate allows access by key fob);
  • Pergola lighting repairs;
  • New Weatherstone Pool signage installed; and
  • Brick donor paver area installed behind existing patio.

Pool Hours and Rules

  • Season (longest outdoor pool season in Highlands Ranch)
    • Opens weekend around Memorial Day (late May).
    • Closes shortly after Labor Day (early September).
  •  Hours
    • General pool hours are 9 am to 10 pm daily. 
    • STRICT CLOSURE TIME is 10 pm every night.
  • Trespass 
    • If you are in the pool area before or after pool hours you are trespassing. 
    • There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for trespassing.  Violators caught trespassing will be prosecuted which may include a court date, fines, jail time and loss of pool access. 
    • Note that maintenance workers, contractors, security and other authorized personnel conducting pool business are permitted access during off-hours.
  • Security
    • Live Security - A professional security company provides intermittent live security for our pool including after hours patrols. Security personnel are authorized and instructed to enforce pool rules.
    • Security Cameras - The pool facilities are under 24-hour video surveillance (though rarely will cameras be monitored live).  Video footage will be reviewed as necessary.
  • Tobacco, Marijuana and Illegal Drugs
    • No smoking of tobacco, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana
    • No chewing tobacco or other smokeless products
    • No marijuana infused foods, drinks or supplements
    • No e-cigarettes
    • No cigars
    • No tobacco products
    • No illegal drugs
  • Behavior
    • No smoking
    • No glass containers
    • No pets
    • No bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards or roller blades
    • No motorized vehicles including golf carts and scooters
    • No running
    • No diving
    • No lewd or abusive behavior
    • No consumption of alcohol if under 21 years of age
    • No pool furniture in the water (including splash pad and bench)
  • General Rules and Policies 
    • Posted Rules - Rules are posted at the pool and must be strictly followed by all residents and invited guests. Violation of any pool rule may result in loss of your fob as well as other consequences as appropriate.
    • No Lifeguard - There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty at any time. You are responsible for ensuring pool safety for you and your invited guests. ALWAYS SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    • Children - All children 12 and under must be supervised and accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
    • Guest Policy - Each individual resident is allowed up to two guests.  Residents must accompany guests at all times. Please be respectful and limit guests during hours of heavy pool use. The guest policy will be revisited and revised as necessary.  Remember that the pool facility is first and foremost for use by Weatherstone residents. You are responsible for all actions of your family members and guests.
    • Pool Furniture - No furniture is allowed at any time in the water (including on the pool shelf or in the splash pad) since this can damage the pool plaster and furniture. Anyone putting furniture in the water will lose pool privileges and have his/her fob revoked, in addition to being responsible for damages.
    • Gate Closed - All three gates to the pool area must be closed at all times ~ no exception!  Someone’s life may depend on this.
    • Grills - Grills and patio area are available for use by all residents at all times.  Please share the patio area and grills with your neighbors.
    • Fob Replacement - Any fob reported as lost or damaged will be deactivated and can be replaced for $25.00.
    • Fob Forgotten - If you let anyone into the pool area with your fob, that individual becomes your guest and your responsibility.If a resident forgets his or her fob, please tell the resident to go home and get it.
    • Restricted Areas - Keep off restricted areas marked with yellow tape or other signs. This includes new or repaired grass sod.

 Pool Security

Always call 911 for any emergency or threatening situation.

Residents and guests in violation of any laws, rules or regulations may be ticketed and prosecuted by the Douglas County Sheriff.

The Weatherstone Board of Directors has contracted with a security firm for routine pool security. When security staff is present at the pool they require residents to sign in upon arrival.  They turn away a number of non-residents each summer and are taking unauthorized fobs. 

The entire pool facility is under
24 hour recorded camera surveillance.

For all security or maintenance concerns contact the Weatherstone community manager.

Lost and Found Box - Pool Policy

The pool's lost and found box is often overflowing each week. Every Sunday, take what you want from the lost and found box for yourself or charity donation. Anything left in the box on Monday morning goes into the weekly trash.

Pool Questions

Is there a lifeguard? 

No. Always swim at your own risk.

What if something happens (e.g. accident, vandalism)? 

The association has an insurance policy that covers liability and facility insurance.

Are there separate scheduled times for kids and adults only?

  • Children: No for kids.
  • Adults: Once daily for adults (9 pm to 10 pm).

How are the seasonal operating costs covered?

Seasonal operating costs will come out of our dues.  For more detailed financial information go to budgets and financial statements.

Is there controlled access to the pool? 

Yes.  The entire pool is gated and access can is only via a digital fob. 

How many keys does each household receive?

Each household will be issued one non-duplicatable fob.

What if my household’s fob is lost or stolen?

If it is lost or stolen, the replacement charge to the household is $25. This will be charged to your assessment account. The Board has set this charge to help prevent fraud.

What kind of liability insurance covers the pool? 

Weatherstone HOA has a complete insurance policy for the pool including full coverage for liability and comprehensive.

Is there a curfew or age limit for use without parental supervision? 

All children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older. Children can only be in the pool area during normal operational hours.

Can we drink beer at the pool or bring coolers or food? 

Yes.  All residents can bring beverages and food to the facility. For everyone's safety, no glass containers are allowed in and around the pool area.

What happens if people break the rules?

What is done to enforce rules?

Rules are enforced as noted on this page. Premises are video recorded and a private security firm has a contract.


Page updated 05 June 2018