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Weatherstone Pool Facility Fence and Gate Replacement Project

Fencing contractor at work removing pool facility fence on October 17, 2017
Stone work complete over original brick pillars on March 3, 2018
 Project Item
 Project Detail
Status In-work
 Update Security gates and pillar stonework will be completed in spring 2018.
Dates October 17, 2017 to 2018
ContractorSteelock General Fence Contractor
 DescriptionSteelock, a Denver-based fencing contractor, was hired by Weatherstone HOA board of directors to remove and replace the iron fencing at the Weatherstone community pool. Steelock expects most of the project (fencing perimeter) will be complete by the end of October 2017.

Some work on the gates and pillars will continue after that date. During this time, please stay away from the Weatherstone Pool area, including the grass area to the north of the Weatherstone Pool. We will email to let you know when the work is complete. This work will not affect access of Pronghorn Park, or the parking area next to Pronghorn Park.