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Early winter snow (November 8, 2017)

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The Weatherstone ZIP Code is 80129

Mailbox Replacement Keys and Broken Locks

Note: The nomenclature for these official US Post Office neighborhood mailboxes is "Cluster Box Units" or CBU.

  1. Visit the Littleton regional main post office at 5753 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120 (telephone: 303.795.7346)
  2. Request and complete the broken mailbox key and locks service form.
  3. Post Office will hold mail and replace key and lock in about 10 days.
  4. Post Office will then notify that the service work is complete.
  5. Return to the main post office to collect new keys and held mail.


Mailbox Key and Lock Maintenance - Suggested Annual Activity

Once a year, use Vaseline or another petroleum jelly to lubricate your key and gently insert, twist, and rotate several times. Also apply the lubricant to the back of the lock when the mailbox door is open. This will also often free a stuck or sticky lock set.