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Help Weatherstone HOA Earn A Certified Wildlife Habitat Designation

There are two ways you can help promote Weatherstone as a haven for all types of wildlife:

  • First, homeowners can apply to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to have their individual gardens designated as Homeowner Certified Wildlife Habitat. The process is easy and low-cost. Go to this NWF web page and fill out a questionnaire confirming that your property provides food, water, cover, nesting places and sustainable practices to encourage wildlife. For $20 you’ll receive a one-year membership in the NWF, a newsletter with gardening tips and a discount on NWF merchandise including bird feeders, nesting boxes and more. You can also purchase and post an exclusive Certified Wildlife Habitat sign featuring Ranger Rick.

  • Second, Weatherstone could earn a Community Certified Wildlife Habitat designation for the entire neighborhood. So far, only one community in Colorado has been certified—a 900-home subdivision in Lakewood. Therefore, a designation could be a distinctive selling point for Weatherstone. The requirements for a community-wide designation are at this NWF web page. The cost is based on population. The Weatherstone HOA needs an adult wildlife lover to spearhead this effort, but youth groups are encouraged to assist. 

Our neighborhood has red-tail hawks, rabbits, coyotes, bull snakes, mice, butterflies, native bees, owls and many kinds of gorgeous birds including hummingbirds and goldfinches. Please get involved to encourage all types of wildlife in our area.