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Information on fences next to and within the Weatherstone neighborhood.

Arterial Street Fences - Wildcat Reserve Parkway

Wildcat Reserve Parkway (six foot wooden fence)

Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD) owns and maintains 42 miles of arterial fencing, including the fences along Wildcat Reserve Parkway.  A decade long project to replace all arterial fences with Trex recycled plastic bags composite materials is underway. View current replacement schedule.

There is no current schedule for replacing the fencing along Wildcat Reserve Parkway.

Secondary Street Fences - Stone Mountain Drive and Weathersfield Way

Stone Mountain Drive (six foot wooden fence)

Fence ownership is being determined through surveys.

Open Space Fences (Split Rail Design)

Split Rail Fence Along Open Space

In most cases, split rail fences and associated posts along HRMD open space areas are owned by the adjacent homeowner.  The homeowner must maintain the fence. Three or four times per summer HRMD will mow along the fence line next to the open space area using a commercial mowing tractor.

Replacement rails and posts can be purchased from the Split Rail Fence and Supply Company in the Highlands Ranch Industrial Park west of Santa Fe (US 85).

Other Split Rail Fences (Weathersfield Way)

Gate and Split Rail Fence on Weathersfield

There are several split rail fences along Weathersfield Way. Ownership is TBD.

A split rail fence along the East-West Trail Pronghorn Park connector belong to Highlands Ranch Metro District.

Metal Fences

Metal Fence Surrounding Stone Mountain ES Turf Field

Highlands Ranch Metro District and the Douglas County School District maintain several metal chain link fences at Stone Mountain Elementary School and adjacent the artificial turf athletic field.

The metal fence surrounding the Weatherstone Pool Facility was completely replaced with updated gates and increased height (full six feet) in 2018.