Weatherstone Community HOA

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 Document Description
ACH Bank Withdrawal Authorization Form
 Automatic payment of quarterly dues (assessments) from checking account to Weatherstone HOA. This document is managed by the Management Company.
Annual Disclosures
 Specific annual information disclosure as required by Colorado state statutes.
Annual Meeting Notices
Notice of the annual meeting of the community held each March. Includes proxy.
 Annual approved budgets.
Financial Statements
 Monthly financial statements.
Legal Status
 Determination from the Colorado Secretary of State regarding the not-for-profit status of the Weatherstone HOA. Issue 1997. Updated 2018.
 Minutes from the monthly meetings of the board of directors. Meetings are held almost every month.
Newsletters Periodic newsletters sent to the community from the board of directors.
Policies Operational policies adopted by the board of directors.
Reserve Studies
 Periodic studies regarding current state and replacement issues, costs and recommendations for HOA owned assets.
 Surveys of the Community
Occasional neighborhood surveys for board input, community understanding and perceptions.
 Weatherstone HOA Legal Framework

The "ABC" Documents
Enacted July 21, 1997
Articles of Incorporation
Community Declaration