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Community Block Captains and the Weatherstone Neighborhood Social Committee

Block 1
Abbotswood Court
Kelly Koberg
Block 2
Brettonwood Way
Stacie Markham
Block 3
Brookhollow Circle
Emily Griger
 Block 4
Countrybriar Lane
Gaby Hosea
Block 5
Edgemont Court
Ann Thomas
Block 6
Edgemont Place
Ann Thomas
Block 7
Meyerwood Circle
(1277 - 1406)
Meyerwood Court
Pam Colquette
Block 8
Meyerwood Circle
(1411 - 1544)
Brooke Baskind
Block 9 
Meyerwood Circle
(1553 - 1661)

Sarah Twiss
Block 10
Meyerwood Lane
Cami Hoff
 Block 11
Ridgecrest Circle
(10525 - 10562)
Christine Eckert
 Block 12
Ridgecrest Circle
(10574 - 10628)
Jane Schwartz
Block 13
Ridgecrest Way
Tina Hodnet
Block 14
 Shadowstone Drive
Tara Vogler
 Block 15
Southbury Court
Angie Greene
 Block 16
Southbury Place
Maggie Bronson
Block 17
Weathersfield Court
Jamie Reynolds
Block 18
Weathersfield Way
Lisa Iveslatt

What are block captains? 

To keep the community more informed and to help plan community events, the Board has formed a social committee, which is made up of a person from each block within the community (block captain). In some cases there will be more than one person representing a large block and a few smaller blocks may be combined. This committee is comprised of community members who have volunteered via community meetings.

What are the tasks of block captains and the social committee?

  • Help keep our Weatherstone database current by collecting information about new residents, births and other related information.
  • Help keep residents informed of upcoming Weatherstone events.
  • Plan community-wide social events, including pool parties, BBQs, golf outings and holiday functions.
  • Compile lists for babysitters, dog sitters, lawn mowers and trades people.